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I like OP art and optical illusions, moirè or fractal art and patterns in general.

This flickering illusion is caused by a moirè-type effect between the image an the pixel grid of your screen. For this reason, the images will look different on different devices. On some screens you might not see any effect while you see a lot on another. Moving side-to-side or rotating vs. scrolling can produce different effects.

I enjoy working on these images. I see them as a kind of puzzle, how they can create an illusion of movement that is not really there. It’s kinda like my own version of Sudoku.

Most of my titles come from suggestions on my Facebook posts. I'm not great at naming images and I love hearing your suggestions. If you ever see one of my images without a name make a suggestion. If I use yours I will credit you with the suggestion.

Want to use one of my images?

Read: What you can do with PatternNerd images?. Please share if you like, but do not remove any watermarks, links or meta-data. Commercial use without permission is not allowed. If you have any questions let me know.

My 'Vision'

What started me doing this?

If you are interested you can read about "My Vision" here.