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Help with Image Play options

Find images to view/purchase.

Image Play is setup to move the image patterns across the screen for you in a number of different ways. This is a first version and I plan improving it over time.

Enter Image Play

Animate the image around your screen. Animations will continue until you stop them (except for scoll to top or bottom of page). Animations will also mix. Not all animations will produce any images effects. Unless you like the feel of Spin & Puke, keep your mixes to a minimum. Read the Seizure Warning Stop viewing if it feels uncomfortable to you.

Hide Animation Icons

This will hide all the icons except for itself and the Close Button.


Click on Close Icon to leave Image Play go back to original view. This can be a bit buggy, you may have to click it twice. Apologies, this is a first versiona nd I plan on improving it over time.

Move up and down

This will move the image to the up and down until you click it again.

Move left and right

This will move the image to the right and left until you click it again.


Click once to start motion, click again to stop. This effect generally works best when centered on your screen. If it's not then stop effect and scroll to put the centerpoint in the center or your screen. Restart motion.


This will turn the image to a sepia and lower it's opacity. This works on black and white images.


Click to make the image enlarge and shrink. Click a second time to stop it. Like Rocking, this animation is generally best used by itself or with Change Hue. Like Rotation, this effect works best when centered on your screen.

Change Hue

Cycle through different hues. This doesn't work on black and white images unless you apply Sepia first.


This will horizontally skew the image.


This will increase and decrease the contrast

Invert Image

Click once to invert the image. Click again to reset to normal. This doesn't look good on a number of images, but can be interesting especially when there is a higher contrast.