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Purchase Images

What can you do with PatternNerd images?

Free images

Free images include any of my images that I have posted on Facebook, that contains my watermark It also includes free images that are available for download by signing up for a free PatternNerd account.

You can use these images for profile pics, phone screens, desktop backgrounds and other personal digital uses. If you have another use in mind get in touch with me. You can also print the free images using your home printer.

The images posted on Facebook are generally 1024x1024 to 1500x1500, if these free images suit your needs, then no payment is needed.

You may not remove any watermarks. You cannot use the images for the logo of a business. When using free images give me credit without suggesting I endorse you.

Purchased images

If you want to use high resolution and/or a version without the watermark, or you plan to have it printed by a commercial printer you can purchase the image.

Most images are 8192x8192 pixels and can be cropped and modified as you like. If you see an image you'd like to purchase that doesn't have a high resolution available please get in touch with me. Most of my images I can upsize easily.

If you are interested in something custom I also do commissions.

Contact PatternNerd

If you have a PatternNerd account you can use the HelpDesk. You can also IM me on Facebook, or Direct Message me on Instagram

Get it printed on a product, like a t-shirt

There are a lot of companies that will print images you upload on products of you choice. Have it printed on mechandise for your use. There are a number of sites you can use this for. See my list of print-on-demand companies.

I've started setting up shops on a few of these sites, but they are a work in progress. For this reason, I've decided to make these images available directly to you. When I have proper shop setup in the future I will post about it here.

You may not sell any items you print without an extended agreement. I want to make that easy so get in touch with me if you are interested.

Use it to create your own images

As long as your image looks significantly different than the original you can take full credit for it. If I can't tell it was originally my image, then it's now yours.

Use it in Audio/Video shows you produce

When animated these images can produce interesting effects. Use them in your productions. Don't take credit for the image itself unless you have changed it enough to make it your own. If you give me credit and let me know I'll look at sharing information about your production.

Do you have something else in mind?

If you have another use in mind, let me know.

Read terms of image usage here.